The 2.6 Challenge “makes a big difference” to the RGF

Thanks to the generosity of our loyal supporters and fundraisers the 2.6 Challenge raised an amazing £4k for the RGF. The 2.6 Challenge overall raised more than £10 million for UK charities.

A record total of 3,961 charities, as well as thousands of organisations and individuals, got behind The 2.6 Challenge, making the campaign to help save the UK’s charities the biggest collective fundraising effort ever in the UK – and it is believed in the world.

Philip George, Chairman of the RGF, said: “During these challenging times for us all, raising funds has become nigh on impossible and we totally understand this. So, to raise £4k is both surprising and wonderful. Thank you – your support is never taken for granted and the difference it makes to young people across the UK is huge.”

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