Vital trip to the US

Grant awarded on 8th September 2014


…You are a young mum, just beginning to develop your own business, but it’s not yet turning much of a profit. Suddenly your 5 year old little one becomes very sick and the NHS is sending you to the USA for treatment.  Neither you nor your child have a valid passport.  The extended stay in America needs financing.  The NHS will pay for flights and treatment, but not for your accommodation or living expenses.  Your business will most likely not exist upon your return as there is no-one to keep it going for you.

Your support has made a difference…

This is exactly the sort of scenario that Rob felt so strongly about.  This young family is watching every aspect of their lives being ravaged by a terrible illness.  The RGF has made a small contribution to this family’s plight.  We will keep in touch and are ready to help further in the future if needed.  We all send them lots of love over the coming weeks and months.

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