The Transplant Games, Argentina 2015

Grant awarded on 12th September 2014


….you are only 13 years old, already competing in triathlons and also a very competitive swimmer.  Already you have experienced the journey from being fit and well to suffering from leukaemia, for which you received a stem cell transplant, and fighting to regain your fitness.  You have been so successful that now you have been invited to represent team GB in swimming at the Transplant Games in Argentina 2015.  All athletes for this competition are totally self funded.  There is just you and your mum in your family unit, and of course your mum wants to go too, and the trip is going to cost a lot of money.



Your support has made a difference…

The RGF hopes it has made enough of a difference…. we have offered 50% of the costs for this mum and her child, hoping that through fundraising they can achieve the full amount required for them both to travel.  It is a wonderful experience for this young person, and we wish them all the very best.

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