RGF supports photographer, Austin

Grant awarded on 1st June 2021


Keen photographer, Austin, approached us back in June when he applied for a grant to purchase a lens for his camera. As you will see, Austin enjoys photography especially during his illness when it took his mind off the treatment he was receiving.

Austin has been in touch to thank the RGF and share some of his stunning photography. He told us: “I am Austin, a 22-year-old software engineering student, who loves nature and photography.

I completed my first degree and progressed to a Masters, but this was interrupted during the second term by a diagnosis of Testicular Cancer. Since then, my life has been on hold, including my studies and hobbies.

I have now had surgery, Chemotherapy, and Radiotherapy. I am currently waiting for blood tests and a CT scan to confirm I am all clear, once the treatment has had its full impact. Then,I can return to complete my studies!

This ordeal has had a huge impact on my mental health, especially as I suffer from anxiety. I heard about the RGF when my Young Lives Vs Cancer Social Worker discussed with me the possibility that they could aid financially with something to help me get through my situation.

Given my love of photography and nature, I chose a camera lens. When I am outside among nature, especially with a camera, I forget about my current problems and feel more like myself. It has been amazingly helpful to my mental health, and I am making very good use of it.

The RGF has facilitated a hobby that, among other things, has got me through a difficult part of my life. Thank you so much to The Rob George Foundation. I am so grateful for the support, and glad that it is available to other people like me.”

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