Motivating a poorly musician

Grant awarded on 3rd August 2015


Your child, not so long ago was a normal, fit, healthy, lively, noisy young person. You have seen her stripped back to a weak, weary, sick, shadow of her former self. She used to love to play her guitar, you used to love to listen, she is now too weak to even pick it up! She used to always be singing and writing songs, but unable to go to school, she only has access to a laptop available to borrow on the ward – it isn’t high spec. enough to support the music software needed to record her compositions.



Your support has made a difference…

Again we have purchased a laptop for this young lady, but one that will support the specialist software needed for working with music. Click the story header to read more about how the RGF has helped.

Here is a letter from mum, giving us an update on her daughter’s progress:
“Thank you again, she is sat in bed as we speak using her new laptop, she even picked up her ukulele yesterday when it arrived (she can’t manage the guitar yet, but she is getting there) and that is the first time in a few weeks she has been motivated to do so. I truly can’t thank you enough, you have helped my family more than you know, the work you do is wonderful. Kindest regards….”

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