From cancer survivor to active teenage girl again

Grant awarded on 1st June 2016


“In Alex’s own words…”

“How did you hear about the RGF?”

“I heard about the Rob George Foundation through my Clic Sargent social worker when I asked who might be willing to fund the training.”

“Would you mind telling us a little about your own condition, and why you needed the fitness training?”

“On the 15th May 2015, when I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with brain cancer. The tumour surrounded my pituitary gland and pressed on the optic nerve. In an attempt to shrink the tumour, I was put on various medications one of which was steroids. I underwent three cycles of chemotherapy, then surgery, where, in order to remove the tumour, it was necessary to also remove the pituitary gland. Without a pituitary gland, no hormones are sent to the Adrenal glands to tell them to produce steroids, meaning that I will have to take oral steroids for the rest of my life. After this, I went through another cycle of chemotherapy, then 6 weeks of radiotherapy. Over the time of my treatment, I gained weight quickly due to the steroids, and lost stability and strength due to the treatment and the time spent sat or lying down. I needed training to help me lose some weight, gain muscle strength, and improve my balance.  I really hoped that my sister could come with me to the gym too.”

“What difference has the training made to you?”

“Due to the training, I have improved my posture and gait, I feel more motivated, and my energy levels are improving. I feel stronger physically as well as more confident. My balance has also improved due to the training.  I have also loved sharing some quality time with my sister, who’s life has been effected by my illness too.”

Alex Insall supported by the Rob George Foundation











From Alex’s trainer…

“I think, from my observations, what the Rob George Foundation has allowed Alex to do is make that transition from being a cancer survivor to an active teenage girl again.

When she started she was quiet and reserved and Mum had to vocalise a lot of what she wanted to convey and pass on. Now, fast forward a few months and her fitness, energy levels and confidence have flourished. It’s been a pleasure working with her.

Thank you for creating the opportunity for her, I feel proud to have been a part of it.

Chris Adams.” Personal Trainer & Neurokinetic Therapist


Your support has made a difference…

….This example of the work of the RGF really demonstrates one aspect of what we do that makes us all so proud – we aim to “Make a Difference” and watch individuals make the best of the lives they have.


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