A new cooker for Lewis

Grant awarded on 1st September 2020


Making a difference…one individual at a time, means different things to different people. For RGF grantee, Lewis, a new cooker means everything.

Lewis’ mum, Sarah has been in touch to say thank you: “Lewis and I want to thank the RGF for all the help we have received over the last 14 months. Lewis now has an adapted bungalow, and this will help him in his hopeful recovery. The RGF have very kindly supplied us with a brand-new cooker and this was very gratefully received. The work the foundation does is amazing and really helps the young people who are going through a great deal of hardship and stress not to mention the physical pain and mental impact of this disease. Thank you so much.”

If you’d like to help young people like Lewis and support the RGF and make a donation during these very uncertain times when fundraising is particularly challenging, please visit our fundraising page.

Thank you!

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