Buy a copy of ‘The Essex Scrubber’ and help the RGF

Christine Beedle’s first book ‘The Essex Scrubber – Keeping It Clean’ is loosely based on her real life experiences and is filled with fun, drama, passion and fascinating characters.

The Essex Scrubber is the nickname Christine acquired, for reasons that will become obvious as you read what is more a novel than a normal autobiography.

The story is not just about Christine’s journey from cleaner to businesswoman.  It is also about those invisible ‘angels’ who clean our offices after we have gone home but who sadly get called a multitude of less complimentary names, sometimes deservedly!

Christine sets out to prove just what they can achieve if given the chance. The lessons to be learnt from Christine’s experiences are as pertinent today as they were in the 1980’s – readers are reminded that to put a man on the moon, even with all the sophisticated technology, there will be a cleaner somewhere in the background playing his or her vital part.

Christine Beedle has kindly agreed to donate £2.00 to the Rob George Foundation for every book sold through the link below.

Click here to buy your copy of ‘The Essex Scrubber’.

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