Tobias update

Last November Tobias and his long-term partner, Bay, competed at the Nationals finishing fourth in the Latin competition – a commendable performance.

January started with Tobias having try-outs for a new dance partner. He is now dancing with Alexia and in the last 6 weeks they have trained and danced 4-6 times a week to perfect their routines.

In early April they entered their first competition. Only the Europeans (open to the World) where they were placed ninth (third best UK couple). That’s a very impressive first outing and they also reached the semi-finals of the Ballroom.

For a new couple Tobias and Alexia are receiving excellent feedback. Over the coming months Tobias and Alexia will be competing at several events. The high-profile event is in July the, UK closed in Bournemouth, followed by the Internationals in Brentwood. They will then be 12 and will move to the Juniors!

Tobias’ mum, Dani said: “I can’t tell you how much your support helps Tobias’ attend these events, enabling him to compete at such a high level. For example, just the European event in Blackpool was £580 for 7 days (that’s an apartment and modest food allowance) Daily entry tickets cost between £19 and £30. Your support means the world – thank you!”.

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