‘The Winner Takes It All’, or does she?!

No, not when it’s long term RGF supporter Victoria Fenner (Vix to her friends). Followers will know that Vix has been raising funds and supporting the RGF since our launch in 2014, and it will not surprise anyone that Vix plays the ‘make a smile’ lottery. The ‘make a smile’ lottery is a weekly lottery draw, a fun and exciting way to support The Rob George Foundation and St Helena Hospice while giving players the opportunity to win cash prizes!

Well, much to the delight of everyone associated with the RGF, Vix recently won £250 playing the lottery and donated it all back to the RGF, so including Gift Aid the donation amounts to £312.50!

RGF Trustee, David Cant said: “Such is Vix’s generosity and passion to see the RGF succeed it came as no surprise to me that she donated her winnings to the RGF. It is important for me to acknowledge that it not a pre-requisite on any RGF supporter winning any amount on the lottery to donate their winnings back to the RGF, but Vix’s gesture is greatly appreciated and valued, as is everything she does for the RGF – thank you, Vix.”

An extremely excited Vix said: “I did not even give it a second thought that I would donate my winnings to the RGF. The RGF is very close to my heart and the support they give young people across the country is so inspiring and now, more than ever it seems, £312.50 to help a young person out there will go a lot further and provide so much more value and purpose than spending it on myself.”

Feeling lucky? You, too, can play the ‘make a smile’ lottery by clicking on the following link:

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