The RGF: Truly Making a Difference – Nyla’s Story

Nyla’s mum, Sheena has been in touch, and these are her words:

“I cannot thank the RGF enough for helping us when we needed it the most.

“Nyla was diagnosed with leukaemia in August 2022. Consequently I was unable to work. Nyla had 6 months of intense chemotherapy and is now on treatment until September 2025. Nyla loves being outdoors but whilst being on treatment Nyla cannot walk as far as she used to, and we were unable to do much as she is too big to carry around for lengthy periods of time. Nyla has been through so much since last August. I wanted her to start enjoying life and getting outdoors more and having fun. We reached out to the RGF, and they helped provide a pram which was just the right size for Nyla. When the pram arrived Nyla absolutely loved it.She got in and sat there comfortably and watched a film on her iPad. We are now able to continue going on days out and making the most of each and every day. Again, thank you for your kindness it means so much to us.”

RGF Trustee, David Cant said; “First, thank you Sheena for sharing Nyla’s story with us – it truly is what the RGF is all about and why it is so important that we strive to continue our work to support young people across the UK. Second, the photo of Nyla was taken on the day her new pram arrived. What it does not show is Sheena behind the lens hiding her tears of joyseeing Nyla so happy. She was absolutely thrilled with it. I do not mind admitting it got me, too, Sheena.”

If you are moved by Nyla’s story, or any of our other stories, and wish to make a donation to fund further RGF grants then please visit our Fundraising Activities section on our website.

Thank you!

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