Table-top sale success for the RGF

Pip and Lorraine’s neighbours, Tim and Christiane, achieved a commendable ‘first’ last weekend fundraising for the RGF when they set up the RGF’s first table-top sale.

Tim and Christiane told us: “We had amassed a sizeable collection of unwanted items throughout our home and the thought occurred to us that we could organise a table-top sale outside our property in Chapel Road, that just happens to be next door to The Sentinel, Pip and Lorraine’s art gallery. With Wivenhoe a hive of activity last weekend, bolstered by the Wivenhoe Art Trail and visitors to the gallery, we had a most successful and rewarding weekend.

So, instead of what, for some, can be a chore, often culminating with a dull trip to the ‘tip’ we instead found ourselves blessed with the joy of raising money for the Rob George Foundation, confident in the knowledge that every penny will go directly to help young people throughout the UK; no management charges, fees, expenses being deducted along the way.

We were touched that people in Wivenhoe and beyond found things in our sale to put into good use, or to enjoy, enabling young people, in need of support, to benefit from Wivenhoe’s generosity.”

Pip and Lorraine said: “We are so touched that Tim and Christiane wanted to support the RGF and our heartfelt thanks goes out to them both. They have raised an amazing £656.87.”

The photo shows Tim and Christiane pictured with Lorraine and their dog, Meg (note the pose!), together with the RGF flag flying proudly!

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