RGF supports Kate and receives heartfelt thanks from her Mum, Kelly

“Thank you so much for your help, we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support and Kate and her son have just enjoyed an amazing first Christmas together in their new home to build the memories they deserve. I honestly cannot begin to tell you how your kindness has brought me to tears. As a parent I wish I could have afforded to do everything for Kate and her son (my grandson) but the flooring and other household goods were so expensive it stretched me to my limitations. Watching them cry for each other constantly has been heart breaking. Hospital separations are understandable, but the nightly goodbyes because their old home was unsuitable was soul destroying. All Kate wanted was to tuck her son in bed and read him a story. With your help this is now possible and (by the way) he loves his ‘big boy’ bed and I can’t honestly express my gratitude to the amazing RGF. I will, of course, in the very near future pay back that kindness and raise some funds locally so you can continue to help other young people like Kate. Every day I treat as precious so I can only imagine your pain as parents at losing your son. I think it’s amazing that you keep his memory alive in such a practical way. God bless and thank you once again.”

Thank you Kelly.

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