RGF receives festive fundraising support from Baker Chapman & Bussey

Jackie Frost and her colleagues at Baker Chapman & Bussey have, once again, supported the RGF at Christmas time. Instead of printing and posting Christmas cards to their clients and business partners they have sent E-Christmas cards instead and the money they have saved has been donated to the RGF.

Jackie told us: “Baker Chapman & Bussey support the RGF as they are a locally based charity and have the ability to make a direct positive impact on the life of a young person, to help them reach their goals.”

Rob’s dad and chairman of the RGF, Philip George, responded by saying: “Once again we are so grateful to Jackie and her colleagues for their amazing support. As you can imagine, our fundraising this year has been very badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, so the support of loyal supporters such as Baker Chapman & Bussey is even more important to us.”

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