RGF Grantee Serena to represent the Catholic Schools Sports Federation

RGF Grantee Serena to represent the Catholic Schools Sports Federation of Great Britain 2019 – the RGF is delighted to announce that Serena was recently nominated by her current school (Notre Dame R C High School) to represent Great Britain in the Catholic Schools Sports Federation in athletics. Her head of PE, Andy Clitheroe, handed Serena his nomination letter on Thursday 17th January because he felt she would be a strong candidate being the current U17w Norfolk County Champion in 4 track events, 60m, 100m, 200m and 300m. Also as she had won every sports day, city sports and school games competing in the 100m & 200m since being in high school, she would be a worthy contestant (Andy was right!). On Thursday 24nd January Serena received a letter confirming she has been selected to be part of team GB for the Catholic Schools with flight details and forms to complete. Subsequently Serena received a follow up email saying she was the only pupil from Norfolk to make the team of 13 athletes in the UK! How amazing is that?!

We hope that Serena can make Norfolk proud of her by representing her school and county in such a high profile international event! For Serena this is just another step closer to running for team GB in the Olympics which is one of her future goals – looks like she well on her way!

Serena’s mum, Vanessa, wanted all the supporters and followers of the RGF to know that the financial assistance we have provided has helped enormously in enabling Serena to develop as an athlete and to perform at such a high level.
For some of Serena’s events she needs to travel extensively and overnight stays are required. The RGF funds Serena through monthly payments to ensure that she can attend these events on a regular basis and focus totally on her preparation and performance.

We are so proud of Serena and wish her every success for 2019!

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