RGF grantee, Eleanor, becomes English Youth Sabre Champion

Manchester-based Sabre Fencer Eleanor Blackledge, aged 13, has been competing internationally for GBR on the Under 17 Cadet circuit. Eleanor is currently ranked in the top ten GBR and 130 in Europe with four more years to move up the rankings within this age category. Earlier this month Eleanor became the English Youth Sabre Champion beating a talented field of fencers. Eleanor’s Mum Vanessa said: “A huge thank you to The Rob George Foundation for supporting Eleanor. As Eleanor develops as an athlete the standard of her equipment increases with the requirement of weapons checks before she can compete at an international level. It is with the help of foundations such as the Rob George Foundation that Eleanor is able to maintain the standard of her equipment to meet regulations and continue on a successful path. We cannot thank the Rob George Foundation enough for their support.”

Congratulations to Eleanor. All of us at the RGF are so proud of your magnificent achievement.

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