RGF grantee, Callum, and his mum Michelle, complete their swimathon and raise funds for the RGF

Fundraising events for the RGF have been very limited during Covid19 so we are delighted to tell you that Callum, and his mum Michelle, completed their swimathon last month raising close to £100 for the RGF.

The swimathon was held at Water Meadows in Mansfield and was organised by the Mansfield Rotary Club and the Armchair Club who have supported Callum massively throughout his ice-skating journey.

Michelle told us: “Callum and I had not been in a swimming pool for around 5 years. We turned up on the day – no practice beforehand- and in our 15-minute slot, Callum achieved 8 lengths and I managed 6. Half of the total money raised went to the Mansfield Rotary Club and the Armchair club. We asked for the remaining half to be split between Inclusive Skating and the Rob George Foundation, both of whom have helped Callum enormously and we hope will continue to do so. We thoroughly enjoyed the event, and we hope to participate in future fundraising events as we think it’s so important to ‘give back’, although next time we might practice first.”

Big RGF thanks to Callum and Michelle and their family and friends, and it just goes to show – ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way!’

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