RGF grantee, Aimee, and her family, complete their second fundraising event to “give back!”

Once again, we have been touched to hear that Aimee and her family organised a fundraising event to raise funds for the RGF (something we encourage all our grantees to do, if they are able to). Previously Aimee had volunteered herself for the “Ice Bucket” challenge. Her second fundraising challenge was arguably far more demanding and this time involving her family. Still with the water theme, the challenge was a sponsored swim. Starting on July 22nd the swim was to cover the distance between Aimee’s home and her ice rink in Streatham (this is 6.5 miles). The swim had to be completed in one week. So, in swimming pool terms this meant 1680 laps of the pool. Apparently, the challenge was very closely monitored, and each swimmer had their daily swim officially recorded. Well, it appears that Aimee is not just talented, but also clearly very competitive because the swim was completed in only 5 days and, we are reliably informed, without injury or incident, raising over £200 for the RGF.

This is an amazing effort by Aimee and her family and if you’d like ideas on how to raise funds for the RGF, please get in touch and request our very own fundraising pack.

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