Reyce & Jaidon Asesimba – Double Gold for Brothers

Reyce and Jaidon have both been going from strength to strength with their Jiu Jitsu. It’s not surprising really when you look back at Reyce’s application to the RGF where he described his average training schedule. Reyce (aged 13 and shown in the picture below) wrote:

“Monday: Morning BJJ with Dad/Mum (1 hour), Evening BJJ Class (1hour 30mins), Advanced BJJ Class (1hour)
Tuesday: Morning BJJ with Dad/Mum ( 1 hour), Afternoon Class Strength & Conditioning, Yoga & BJJ (2hr 30mins)
Wednesday: Evening BJJ Class (1hour), Stretching Class (1 hour)
Thursday: Morning BJJ with Dad/Mum (1hour), Afternoon Strength & Conditioning class(45mins- 1hour) Evening Judo Class (1hour 30mins)
Friday: Morning BJJ with Dad/Mum (1 hour), Evening BJJ Class (1hour), Advanced BJJ Class (1hour 30mins)
Saturday: Lunchtime Advanced Class (1hour 30mins), Evening BJJ with Dad (1 hour)
Sunday: Active Rest Day or Private Classes

Miscellaneous Training in week: Mindset, NLP, Visualisation, Breathing & Cardio
I spend an average of 14-18 hours training, drilling and studying techniques every week. I follow a Pescatarian diet to maintain optimum performance for my health, training and studying.”

Reece dreams of becoming an Olympian and representing team GB.  So far this year both brothers have already won gold in Germany at the NAGA German Championships, Reyce in the Expert division in Gi and No-Gi, and Jaidon in the Expert Gi Division. Both boys know that dreams need hard work to become a reality – and they are both working very hard!

The Rob George Foundation is proud of Reyce’s and Jaidon’s achievements, and we hope that our modest contribution to their monthly travel expenses and entry fees over a six-month period helps make their dreams a possibility, and us a small part of that dream!

Rece Asesimba supported by the Rob George Foundation


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