Mad March Mare!

Here is a photo of Jon Helliwell taking part in the Mad March Mare 2015 run; his RGF t-shirt is looking a little the worst for wear!

The run takes place at Hexham Race Course each year. The RGF supported Jon last year with a grant to enable him to complete his qualifications as a tennis coach. We don’t, as a rule, support postgraduate courses; however, Jon demonstrated such an outstanding display of experience working with young people of all ages and abilities that we felt sure this young man, with a little help, would go on to help many other young folks for years to come, who also wished to fulfil their potential.

When Jon contacted us to say that he wanted to try and raise some money for the RGF to try to repay a little of what we granted him, it only served to reassure us that he was the lovely young man we all thought he was!

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