Listen to the RGF interview on Radio 4’s You and Yours Programme

The Rob George Foundation Chairman and Trustee, Philip George has followed up his interview on Talk Radio with an appearance on national Radio 4’s You and Yours programme. This show is very influential with listeners from all over the world and was broadcast in late December.

Please take the time to listen to Philip and once you even start to comprehend what Rob and his family had to endure, you can quickly grasp why the RGF is delighted to be supporting the Marie Curie Scrap 6 months campaign. At present, applicants for benefits who have life-threatening illnesses are only fast tracked if they can prove that they have only six months or less to live. Since 2013, no less than 17000 people (including Rob!) have died whilst waiting for their application for Personal Independence Payment to be considered.

Equally shocking is the fact that 60% of people living with a terminal illness rely on benefits. Government figures show that at least 10 people a day die while waiting for a benefits decision.

You can hear the interview at –
Philip’s interview can be found in the first segment, from 01:32 to 07:55
The RGF continues to fight for change!

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