It’s not all about the running

Embarking on the London Marathon demands more than just physical training; it requires a meticulous approach to nutrition. Recognising the crucial role of fuelling his body for peak performance, Steve Loader has sought the expertise of Tom McLure, a trusted Sports Nutritionist.

Here’s a glimpse into Tom’s insights on marathon fuelling ahead of Steve’s London Marathon run for the Rob George Foundation, including a picture of his 5am breakfast on a Saturday before a long run!

Quality Fuel for Peak Performance:

Tom emphasises that quality nutrition is the cornerstone of sustaining the demands of marathon training. His role extends beyond merely ensuring Steve’s fuelling during workouts; it also encompasses optimising recovery, managing external stressors like sleep and work, and preventing fatigue overload.

Tailored Nutrition for Marathon Training:

Adjusting caloric intake, especially carbohydrates, for energy demands and prioritising protein for muscle repair is paramount during marathon training.

Crucial Race Day Nutrition Strategy:

The marathon’s gruelling miles demand strategic nutrition to stave off hitting the proverbial “wall.” Tom collaborates with Steve to refine his race-day nutrition strategy, which he hones and replicates throughout his training sessions.

With every step he takes towards the marathon finish line, Steve runs not only for personal achievement but also in support of The Rob George Foundation.

Steve aims to raise £2,500 to help us raise much-needed funds. Barclays, Steve’s employer, is generously matching the first £1,000 he raises. This means every pound donated will have double the impact!

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