It’s getting serious!

Just over a week ago, we witnessed Steve’s journey unfold as he conquered the Colchester Half Marathon, a significant milestone on his path to the TCS London Marathon next month, all in support of The Rob George Foundation.

With the guidance of Michal Ruth, who crafted a tailored training strategy, and the expertise of Tom McLure, who ensured his nutrition was on point, Steve embarked on the race with determination and resolve.

As the day approached, nerves were inevitable. Yet, amidst the anticipation, a message from Michael echoed the sentiments of the entire support system: “It’s just another training run with a medal at the end. Chewing the fat and jogging.” These words served as a reminder of Steve’s resilience and the collective belief in his abilities.

With Tom’s guidance on race day, Steve executed his strategy flawlessly, surpassing his goal and completing the half marathon at 1:54:32.

The London Marathon is now firmly in Steve’s sight!

Join us in applauding Steve’s achievement as he supports The Rob George Foundation. You donate via

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