Introducing the RGF’s Marathon Man

Steve Loader is not only a Business Manager at Barclays and a dedicated father to two wonderful children, Macie and Tyler, but he is now adding marathon running to that list, all for the Rob George Foundation.

Steve pursues his fitness goals at Iceni Training in Hythe with 1 to 6 small group personal training. Steve’s interests also encompass a love for golf and football and a general commitment to staying healthy. But now Steve’s sights are set on next year’s TCS London Marathon where he will be under the guidance of Michael Ruth, who will be responsible for his running plan and Tom McClure of PH Nutrition, ensuring his nutritional needs are met.

Steve explains more: “I stopped playing football 14 years ago when I snapped my ACL playing football and have since had four knee surgeries. Friends have always encouraged me to put myself on the ballot for the London Marathon, but I always declined due to my knee injury. I had my last surgery in 2021, which was a Microfracture of the Femur to help grow new cartilage. Since then, my knee has been as good as before the injury, so I decided to put it in for the ballot. On my first attempt, I was lucky (or unlucky), depending on how you look at it.

“I knew I wanted to run it for charity as that would help focus my mind, but I wasn’t 100% sure who. Paul Forsyth of Ellisons kindly invited me to a charity meal for the Rob George Foundation, who I knew of as I had attended a couple of golf days in the past. At the dinner, the charity was discussed in more detail, including what they do and who they are for. At that point, I knew this was the charity for me as I would be able to see the difference that the money I raise would make to people’s lives, and it was linked to sport.

“I then contacted RGF Trustee David Cant of Birkett Long to set things up, and the rest is history.”

Ahead of the marathon on Sunday 21 April 2024, Steve is looking to raise £2,500 via donations at:

We will be sharing more about Steve’s motivation to support the RGF and updates on his training regime in future posts – watch this space.

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