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Grant awarded on 1st March 2021


Jude was diagnosed with medulloblastoma on his 8th birthday last March 2020, just when the pandemic began.

Jude’s mum, Katie, explains more: “Jude had 3 months of chemotherapy, then 6 weeks of radiotherapy, then another 7 cycles of chemotherapy. The surgeons at the John Radcliffe Hospital successfully removed 95% of Jude’s tumour, but sadly it travelled to his spinal cord and other areas of his brain.

He has now finished treatment and awaiting another scan, thankfully all the past scans have come back “good” as in no new growth and most of the cancer has gone. Jude lost strength in the right side of his body, thankfully he is still my Jude. Jude played football and basketball every weekend, but at the moment Jude’s balance isn’t great so he needs help getting around.”

Katie approached the RGF in February to apply for a grant to purchase an exercise bike that Jude could use at home to build up his strength and stamina. Well, we are delighted to share with you the wonderful news that Jude now has his very own exercise bike and is already making good use of it.

Katie added: “I cannot thank the RGF enough for supporting Jude, this will help him massively during his recovery.”
Our heartfelt thanks go to Katie for sharing Jude’s story with us all!

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