Three fencers

Grant awarded on 28th October 2014


…fencing is your sport.  Well a bit like policemen and buses, you can’t find one, and then three come along at the same time!  Chloe Dickson, Daniel Kiss and Elisabeth Powell are all part of the youth GB fencing pathway.  They are some of the super talented in the world of fencing in their age groups, and show total commitment both in terms of their training and competing.  Their families loyally try to support and finance their children’s ambitions. There is next to no funding for this fringe sport.

Your support has made a difference…

Elisabeth Powell and Chloe Dickson supported by the Rob George Foundation
Elisabeth Powell and Chloe Dickson

This season the RGF has helped by providing Chloe, Daniel and Elisabeth with a new set of kit.  This is very expensive specialised stuff, as you can imagine.  Chloe is coming to Colchester in mid September for a big competition and a few of the Trustees are planning to go along, meet and support her, and who knows, perhaps get a crash course in fencing?!

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