Small differences mean a lot

Grant awarded on 15th April 2014


You’re at university, 21 years old, and enjoying life to the full.  Your first cardiac arrest is nearly the end of the story but over the next few days you are repeatedly resuscitated.  Your family has been told to prepare for the worst news ever.  However, you are then diagnosed with a rare tumour on your heart.  You are rushed to London, miles from home, and you survive surgery to remove the tumour.  Your Mum is signed off sick from work to be with you, which puts her on half pay, but B&Bs in London cost a small fortune and the credit card is taking a major hit.  Family finances and emotions are at breaking point.

Your support has made a difference…

We have been able to make a small difference to this family and enable Mum to stay with her son in London for the time being – thank you!

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