RGF grantee, Josh, on the road to recovery

Grant awarded on 2nd August 2021


Back in August, the RGF awarded Josh a grant to help fund the purchase of an exercise bike. We’re delighted to share with you that Josh has now purchased his new bike, and his mum, Sarah, sent us an update on his progress so far.

Sarah shared with us: “A big thank you to the RGF for their kind contribution towards the purchase of this exercise bike for Josh which will without a doubt be a massive help towards his recovery! Josh was diagnosed with grade 1 Chondrosarcoma in his right femur, he was an extremely talented footballer and all round sportsman. Josh underwent surgery to remove the sarcoma and is now on the road to recovery and making full use of his new bike. Josh hopes that in the months to come he can get back to his football, but is already back on the golf course!”

We all wish Josh a speedy and full recovery and hope he’s back playing football soon.

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