RGF grantee, Destiny, preparing for better times ahead!

Grant awarded on 1st November 2021


Destiny has been in touch with us to tell us what it’s like for a sprinter trying to compete and make progress in these very challenging times for up-and-coming athletes.

Destiny told us: “For nearly 2 years, everything has been very strange and difficult for most people. In my case, trying to develop as a sprinter, tracks and gyms were shut across the country, meaning all athletes were expected to train just about anywhere they could find. For me this meant grass pitches, local hills, paths, and various home workouts. There has been so much uncertainty due to little real understanding as to when competition would return, and whether, or not, there would be any potential championships happening in 2021 at all! I had to continue to press forward with the hope that I could make something of the season despite being unable to train on a track for a total span of around 8 months. With the support of the RGF providing me with a grant to fund training costs, gym sessions and training equipment, I can now better prepare myself for the exciting season ahead with all the tools I need to perform to the best of my ability. Being able to fund my full-time training endeavours with the help of the RGF makes life much easier as I can concentrate fully on my training. This upcoming season is due to be exciting and prosperous for sure! I can’t thank the RGF enough for their support!”

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