Talented young pianist

Grant awarded on 2nd June 2015


Your 10-year-old daughter, who is a super, super talented musician, is offered a place, as a weekly boarder, at the Purcell School of Music in London. Somehow you have managed to apply to every charity you can find, and have secured the financing for fees and music tuition. Your daughter will come home each Friday night, and return to school on a Sunday evening – she is too young to travel alone. The cheapest way is by bus, but it’s going to add up to a tidy sum over the year.


Your support has made a difference…

….the RGF has come to the rescue.   Click this story header to find out more.

The RGF will help with this last piece in the jigsaw, and help finance the fares each week. Alexandra and her mum Lana are so appreciative of our practical contribution, without which, all the other funding that has been awarded for the more obvious requirements, would have been useless.

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