One small problem solved

Grant awarded on 27th November 2014


…as a parent, how devastating it would be to be told that one of your children is very sick.  However, life goes on and you may well have other children to love, cherish and take care of, too.  This young family lives near enough to the hospital to travel back and forth daily to support their sick four year old.  This is a blessing as mum is already a full time carer for one of the siblings who has special needs of their own.  The four year old’s treatment has many side effects, but one that is very easy to understand is a massive quantity of laundry – so what’s really not needed on top of everything else is for the tumble dryer to break.  Dad is very handy, and has tried to repair it, but to no avail.

Your support has made a difference…

It’s not a very exciting item but the money our supporters has raised has made a small difference to this young family.  A new tumble dryer should now be installed and will help to remove one small strain on family life.

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