So many ‘thank you’ notes

Grant awarded on 4th May 2016


We receive many thank you notes at the RGF, but this stands out.

From a young-adult cancer patient, all it said was simply:

“Thank you, life saver!”  Gary

From another:

“Having this grant from you means so much and I can’t begin to thank you all enough.  Any help was going to be appreciated but for what you have done for me I shall be eternally grateful.  You have made me very happy and have lifted a lot of worries that were creeping up on me.  Once again thank you so much for considering me and the problems I’m up against.”  Craig.


“you have already given us more than money could buy, by making Jess smile this summer.”


Your support has made a difference…

Everyone at the RGF is just pleased and immensely proud when we are able to help.

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