Magic Nick

Grant awarded on 4th July 2014


…You are given every encouragement to believe that it is worth pursuing a career in the theatre, you already have a special proven talent as a magician!  At the RGF we like to refer to Nick Lee as “Magic Nick”.  When we took up Nick’s references he received praise such as “a real talent, demonstrates huge versatility and drive, coupled with a lovely manner…….. spends all his time improving his skills.”  But whilst Nick enjoys the love and support of his family and friends, the recession has had an impact on the level of support now available.  Nick has worked his socks off through the summer and managed to scrape together almost all of his fees for drama school this autumn, but of course ‘almost all’ the fees is not enough.

Your support has made a difference…

We have seen evidence of a young man determined to fulfil his place at college this year and access the sort of quality mentoring he hopes will get him into the profession of his dreams.  We hope that Nick will meet some of you soon at an RGF event and to you, Nick, we wish you good luck with your course and will enjoy seeing how you get on.

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