Help for transplant patient

Grant awarded on 10th November 2014


… You were born with a kidney disorder and during your childhood underwent a kidney transplant.  All went well, and you went on to leave home, get a job, find a girlfriend, support your favourite football team, enjoy the pub with your mates, rent your own flat and do all the normal stuff!  You are now in your mid twenties, your kidney transplant has failed and you are on regular dialysis.  Treatment has affected your heart and you are waiting to hear if you will be listed for a heart transplant.  Bit by bit you have watched your life unravel.  You can’t work, your social life has pretty much ground to a halt and you have serious money issues.

Your support has made a difference…

The RGF has helped by paying for a few months rent and provide a breathing space whilst, with the help of the social worker, a better plan can be put into place to support this young person.  On top of everything, reducing the worry about some of the bills is something we can help with.  We would like to think that sometime soon there might be enough money to allow for the odd trip to the pub with mates too – is that too much to ask?

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