Charlie’s smile – a smile that says it all for the RGF

Grant awarded on 1st November 2019


We’d like to introduce you all to RGF grantee, Charlie. Charlie is only 9 years old and was diagnosed with ALL in August 2018. Life has been extremely difficult for Charlie ever since; several rounds of chemotherapy and steroid treatment. For much of the last year Charlie has been isolated from his friends impacting on his emotional well-being, anxiety and self-esteem. More recently, Charlie has been able to interact with his friends a little more and they all share a love for gaming. All Charlie and his family wanted from the RGF was a new Xbox One X so he could join in with his friends and reconnect.

Charlie’s mum, Michelle, has kindly shared some photos with us showing Charlie with his new Xbox One X. Michelle has also shared with us her thoughts about the RGF and childhood cancer. She told us: “This fantastic charity has provided Charlie with his lifeline- the Xbox. Now, to many who have never been touched by childhood cancer they may not understand the importance of gaming. Children, like Charlie, have their childhood snatched away from them without warning and they must endure unimaginable things that even an adult would struggle with and they try to figure out what they’ve done wrong. Yes, they think that they must have done something wrong because why else do they have cancer when none of their friends have it. While other children are enjoying playing outside, participating in sports, going to parties, enjoying being young and carefree, children, like Charlie, are being operated on, poked with needles, pumped full of chemo, experiencing pain, side effects and experiencing endless hospital visits.

So yes, gaming can be a lifeline to seriously ill young people. It’s an escape from the almost intolerable harshness of their real life, enabling them to still play with their friends and chat through a headset without risk of infection and, believe me, when your child is going through hell hearing them chatting and giggling is absolutely priceless.

Your support has made a difference…

We are beyond grateful to the RGF for gifting Charlie his lifeline and he hasn’t been off it since it’s arrived, only sleeping 5 hours on the first day. It’s made him so happy and it’s possible even the RGF doesn’t fully understand the positive impact this has had on Charlie and me. The RGF are angels and Rob must be looking down with such pride. Not all superheroes wear capes! What an incredibly selfless and inspirational young man to think of others and leave this world making a huge difference to children like Charlie.

Thank you to Michelle and Charlie for sharing this very personal and inspiring message with us all at the RGF

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