Brave young man

Grant awarded on 23rd September 2015


You are 12 years old.  Initially everyone thought you had hurt your leg playing rugby, but when the pain wouldn’t go away, and the doctors kept searching for an explanation, the final diagnosis left everyone reeling.  This young man was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma of his left femur in January 2015.  You can imagine the horrendous shock of that news.

This brave lad lives at home with his mum, dad, brother and sister.  Dad is self-employed and mum has been forced to give up her part-time job to care for her sick son.  Family finances are at full stretch.  Despite medication, the leg is still painful and he cannot weight bear on it.  He has to sleep downstairs as he can’t climb the stairs and a specialist chair was required just so he could sit comfortably (otherwise the only relief that could be found was to lie in bed!).

Your support has made a difference…

A comfortable reclining chair was purchased along with a new laptop, so that he could keep in touch with friends, films could be watched in any comfortable position, and maybe even some school work could be done too.

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