Batman PJs!

Grant awarded on 11th September 2014


…everything is fine.  Your young son is thriving and, as a young family, you are making your way in the world.  Out of the blue, as your little boy approaches his 4th birthday, his health deteriorates.  He is diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer, causing multiple tumours.  He needs 24/7 care and so both parents have to give up work to fulfil their son’s needs.  Savings are used to pay the mortgage and bills, but as time has ticked by, those savings are now all gone.

Your support has made a difference…

The little boy is currently in remission but the future remains uncertain.  Winter is approaching and financial implications of the past months linger.  With mum’s shopping list in our hand, the RGF has just purchased new winter clothes for the little boy.  We particularly liked the Batman PJs that he chose!  I am sure you will all join with us in sending this young family our love for the future.  We hope the RGF has made a small difference as the cold weather approaches, hopefully one less financial need to be addressed.

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