An update from RGF grantee, Elena. All the way from Moscow!

Grant awarded on 1st December 2020


Talented figure skater, Elena, has been in touch with us to share her story and her views on what it takes to be top class performer in a very demanding sport.

“My name is Elena. I am three times British figure skating champion. The latest title I won in a Junior category (under 19) being only 14. I was the only lady skater to be selected to represent GB at the World Junior Championships in March 2020. I have also been privileged to be selected to represent Great Britain at the Junior Grand Prix where I was one of the youngest skaters.

I have spent 12 years in skating boots out of 15 since I was born. Skating brings me a huge sense of satisfaction. For as long as I remember, being competitively involved in skating has been always a priority to me. Looking back, I cannot believe how much I have achieved.

Competing provides great memories I will hold forever. It is not just the enjoyment that skating brings me that draws me to it, but the ways I can literally become a better person because of sport. I have learnt so many new things over the years, such as trying my best at training, never giving up if something goes wrong at competitions, fight ‘till the end of my program, and make sure I am there to do the best I can do. It taught me how to win and lose gracefully which I consider to be very important in my future. Also, further skills such as perseverance and grit which will be of benefit to me in many other areas. I cannot imagine my life without skating. Skating has shaped me into the person I am today.

Your support has made a difference…

I am a GB performance squad member, and this is a great honour and responsibility. I represent the country not just myself. For me, one of the most exciting and at the same time worrying experiences, is the British Championships every year. This event partly shapes what the rest of the season will be like, as the score from the British championships is counted towards the selection for World Championships and the beginning of the next season for the Grand Prix series.

I am very determined. I am up at 3.30am for training putting in roughly 1200-1500 hours a year. Finally, to be an elite athlete requires lots of financial outlay. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Rob George Foundation. They have been so generous supporting me. I feel truly honoured and thankful to know there are people who believe in me and support me on my road to the Olympics. My short-term goal is the Youth Winter Olympics which I am already selected for. Because of COVID-19, it has been postponed from February 2021 to December 2021. I sincerely appreciate the RGF support and will be forever grateful to them.”

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