An update from RGF Grantee, Ayoola

Grant awarded on 3rd February 2020


Athlete, Ayoola, has been in touch and told us: “I could not be more grateful for the Rob George Foundation and the financial support they have given me. Times are tough right now and this pandemic has taken away from most athletes ( including myself ) the immediate goals they were working towards, forcing us to dig even deeper for the motivation get up and train on our own with the hope that there will be something left of the 2020 season whether indoor or outdoor. We continue to train because that is what we love – it is our passion and the exciting journey we are all on. RGF has helped me get home training equipment, for e.g. ankle weights and a roller which I use in my home circuits. I also plan to buy some new trainers to develop my running.

I have also challenged myself with something different by doing a 5k timed run and finding creative and innovative ways to carry out home exercises.

I hope everyone at the RGF, and all their wonderful supporters are all keeping safe and well.

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