A thank you from Leon’s Mum

Grant awarded on 2nd March 2020


“My son Leon was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma 3 years ago. It was the day before he graduated with a degree in Film. Normal life pretty much stopped that day. It has been quite a time since then. One failed stem cell transplant, many awful treatments and at last he is undergoing another transplant and neutropenic as I write.

Leon’s father and I have supported him through it all and at the beginning of the year before lockdown his father secured him a flat, so at some point he could settle and start a ‘normal’ life. There has not been a lot of money to spare as I am self-employed and living a dual life between Cornwall and Bristol has been expensive. When we were approved for a grant from the Rob George Foundation, we were delighted knowing that the items we requested, though simple in what they are, would be a purposeful addition to his life. A sofa to rest up on, a music system to enjoy his favourite tracks, and a dishwasher to hide all the unwashed dishes that had accumulated under his bed and various chairs.

These things mean so much when life gives you few glimmers of hope, it is a respite of goodwill and generosity and is received with gratitude.”

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