Ice Dance skating grantee, Aimee Carrington, and her family organise a fundraiser for the RGF

Up and coming ice dance skater, Aimee, decided to take on the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and managed to coerce her family to join her to help raise funds for the RGF. Aimee assures us it was great fun and supplied us with a video to prove it – sadly we can’t get this to work – so hopefully the screenshot of the ice hitting Aimee’s head will set the scene!! We supported Aimee earlier this year and she and her family and friends wanted to support us with this fun initiative. They raised an incredible £150!

Recently, at the British National Championships, Aimee had to perform 3 different dances, two of which were pattern dances (a military 14 step and a tango) which are set by NISA the competition organisers, and a solo free dance which is 2.5 minutes long and which she and her coaches get to choose the music and choreograph the moves. The total for these dances determines her final position. Aimee skated very close to her personal best in all three dances ending up 11th in Great Britain a fantastic effort in a year which saw her in the category with by far the biggest number of contestants.

Well done Aimee – and a big thank you back to you and your family for taking on the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and raising funds for the RGF.

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