Ice Dance skater, Aimee Carrington, thanks the RGF

Up and coming ice dance skater Aimee Carrington has been skating since she was 6 years old. Now 14 she has won numerous medals in regional competitions across the country and has competed in the British National Solo Ice Dance Championships for the last 5 years. Her highest ranking in this competition being the bronze medal. This month, in Edinburgh, Aimee once again qualified for this year’s championship. She has also skated internationally in both Denmark and in Finland. Aimee’s Grandad, Tony, told us: “Her commitment to her sport is exemplary training 14–16 hours a week much of this before school. The cost involved in equipment, costumes, travel expenses and coaching fees is extremely high and the sponsorship and support that the Rob George Foundation has given her will go a long way to helping her achieve her goals. Thank you so much.”

Aimee is doing the RGF proud and we are chuffed that she prepared this video to share with our supporters and a few action photos too.

Please take time to watch Aimee’s video in which she thanks the RGF for their support.

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