Harry’s story

Something incredibly special about the RGF is when we can trace a grantee’s pathway from young aspiring athlete in early adolescence to young adult – Harry Walford epitomes this journey – a journey that had its own challenges.
From 2014 to 2017, the RGF made five grants to Harry. Harry’s Mum, Sarah, takes up the story: “Harry was eleven when the RGF made their first grant. The RGF was a total saviour for us as a working family. We were struggling to fund Harry’s travelling to ice skating training camps in Dundee – quite a journey from our home in Blackpool! Just for good measure, the RGF also helped to purchase skates.”

“Harry developed well and made the Great Britain Pathway Squad, so became clear that we would need to relocate to Scotland to enable Harry to maximise his potential.”

“We moved to Dundee in 2016, enabling Harry to have access to the best coaches in the country and the GB team, and now Olympians.”

“Harry was fortunate to skate at the British Figure Skating Championships and take a very impressive silver medal.”

“Sadly, at 16, injury struck Harry. The dreaded ACL that resulted in two major operations and a reconstruction, with a tattoo reminder! Typical Harry!”

“Harry is now 21 and in his last year to qualify as a PE teacher. He also teaches the younger school children how to skate.”

“Harry has now switched to ice hockey, playing for Dundee Devils. His knee now feels stronger than ever, which is great to hear, and he can continue with his love of the ice.”

“One thing is certain: without the help, support, and genuine interest from the RGF, Harry’s journey would have been quite different, and opportunities and achievements much less.”

“We are forever grateful!”

RGF trustee, David Cant said: “Harry’s story is all about commitment and dedication, not just from him, but from his family – it is quite something to move home to support your child’s development and ambition. Although Harry’s original ambitions were thwarted by injury, we are delighted that he is putting his skills io good use as an ice hockey player, but most importantly, he is also ‘putting back’ and now sharing his knowledge and experience to teach others. I am sure this will resonate with all supporters – well done, Harry, you are a star!”

The press cutting with photo is from when Harry participated in the British Figure Skating Championships, aged just 13.


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