Canoe Slalom grantee, Kurts, updates the RGF

“As the RGF has been a huge part of my journey to the World & European Junior Championships I thought it would be nice for me to give you a little update on what I have been up to. After a lot of hard work, sweat and tears last winter I made the GB Junior Team at the start of 2019, that was my biggest achievement to date. That gave to me the biggest opportunity of my canoe slalom career; to represent Great Britain on the international racing circuit. When you are competing at World & European Championships it’s a lot of pressure, but you just have to rise above it and harness the good energy and block out the bad.

I keep reminding myself that all I must do is just focus on myself and on my job, which is to just do the best run that I can do. And if I do that then that’s the best chance of success. When you are sitting on the start line looking straight down the course there are so many different people, so many things happening around but you just must block out all those distractions and focus on your race. As you have probably picked up by now, I am going into a lot of detail on the mental side. That is because I believe on race day it’s 90% mental and 10% physical. Everybody trains hard. Everybody eats well. But it’s in the mind where Champions gain their advantage.

To sum up the whole racing experience in World & European Championships I came away with exceptionally good results. 15th in the World and 13th in Europe. Considering that I still have one more year as a Junior I am “ahead of the game” in terms of how good I am for my age. But the highlight of racing must be getting a BRONZE MEDAL in the team runs with my fellow C1 Junior Teammates.

Hope you enjoyed my little update and I would again like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible support! Wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Keep up the great work Kurts.

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