Archie Brown – Bronze, Silver and Gold

Archie’s Mum writes:

“A massive thanks to you all for supporting 8-year old Archie in his karate dream. He recently went to Las Vegas to compete in the US International Junior Cup and US Open. He competed alongside children from USA, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, India and Canada and won a bronze in kata (patterns) and a silver in Kumite (sparring). His performances in Las Vegas have been noted and recognised, and since returning Archie has been asked to do demonstrations at the Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame Awards next weekend and also at the Martial Arts Show in May. Your help on his journey is so appreciated.

Thank you.
Archie’s Mum.”


We have since received the following update from Archie’s mum:

Archie Brown supported by the RGF“Archie competed in a karate competition in Manchester and did brilliantly, winning silver in kata and gold in kumite. He then went on to be part of a 5-man team for ‘team kumite’ – age group 12-17 (archie is 9) and won another gold.”

Everyone at the Rob George Foundation is proud to have played a small part in Archie’s progress. We look forward to the next piece of news.

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