A simple request

Grant awarded on 5th February 2014


You are 16 years old when you are diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and have to miss the end of school, leaving before taking any GCSEs.  The treatment is such that your mum is unable to seek work as you need her to look after you.  This has a serious impact on the family finances.  On top of the normal household bills, there are all the extra things needed by a very sick family member, and they must be paid for.  Travel, clothes – due to the impact of the treatment being given – heating bills, as your family tries to nurse you at home as much as possible, and so much more.  You have been living in furnished rented accommodation but it is damp and there is mould on the walls, compromising your health yet further.  So your family faces the increased costs of moving to a new home, which although more suitable, is unfurnished.

Your support has made a difference…

This family asked for our help to furnish their sick child’s bedroom.  They simply asked for funds to provide a bed, wardrobe and bedside table.  Once the selection of furniture has been made the RGF will be proud to arrange the purchase and delivery of these items.  Could you imagine having cancer and not even having a bed to call your own?

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