Le Mans 24 hour cycle challenge

Date/Time: 19th August 2016 - 22nd August 2016
All Day

Cycle at Le Mans for the RGFThe fine tuning of this trip will evolve as we see how many folks are interested, but our plan is to leave the UK VERY early on 19th August, drive to Le Mans and set up our camp (yes you read it correctly – Lorraine is going to camp!!) enjoy the festivities of Friday night, the warm-up lap on Saturday morning alongside the children’s ride/race, and then the main event 3.00pm on 20th to 3.00pm on 21st August. (I would suggest we also think about finding somewhere to stay on the Sunday night, as some of us will be very short on sleep!) – so you’ll need the Friday to Monday off work.

Camping arrangements: again this will evolve. Pip and I own a 4 berth tent, although we have no idea how to put it up and only one single bed to put in it – but we are very happy to share it! I am hoping other folks will have more useful equipment, like camper vans or caravans!!

We all need to arrive together so that we can camp alongside each other so a choreographed 10.00am arrival will be necessary.

I have already been offered a 16 seater mini-bus, so some of us can travel together and transport the bikes too making sure we have space for lots of food (and wine/beer/champers).

Cost: The basic price depends upon your ride entry:
Solo: €300
2 pers: €240 (all teams can be mixed or single sex)
4 pers: €180
6 pers: €140
8 pers: €120

How much you cycle depends upon the size of your team, one member cycles at a time, so if you are going solo, you obviously cycle for 24 hrs, if you are in a two man team, then you cycle your share of the 24hrs and so on…

We would ask folks to make a donation over and above the cost of the trip to the RGF (as it’s our idea!), or indeed attempt to gain sponsorship if you feel comfortable doing that. (My address book is currently exhausted!)

A plan for catering will be forged once we can see how many of us are going – Pip is chief “cheereroner”, if there were a masseuse out there that wanted to come and “do” legs that would be fab. We will attempt to offer the best support we can to all our riders.

The RGF could have a really good weekend away with this event – please consider joining in the fun!!

For further information about Le Mans click here to visit the official website.


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