It’s simple... We all love to get together and share a curry.

Why not... simply add your own meat/vegetables/fish to one of Rob’s freshly prepared curry packs and invite your friends round. Instead of everyone chipping in for a take-away, ask for a donation - we suggest £10 - to raise funds for the Rob George Foundation.

Share... your story of your shared curry as #curryforrob

1. Ready...

Choose your date and, if you’d like to, let us know so that we can add it to our fundraising events page

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2. Steady...

Invite your friends

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3. Order...

Order your curry pack from our online shop

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4. Cook...

Enjoy a great night with your friends - perhaps they’ll bring some beer or a pudding!

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5. Send your money...

Collect the money you’ve raised (we suggest £10 per person) and send it via MyDonate

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6. Start a trend...

The more curry nights, the more fun and the more fund raising

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Need a cookery demonstration?

Check out Lorraine’s masterful attempt to cook her first Curry for Rob.